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  1. Creating a Fight Scene for an Ink Story

    Use Variables and Functions to write a Fight Scene for a text adventure, using Ink & Inky

  2. Svelte Tricks #2 - Using Svelte Adders to save time when creating a new project

    Using Svelte adders to easily setup a Svelte project or add dependencies

  3. Creating a LCD effect in a Shader

    Understanding the LCD effect and replicating it on Shadertoy to achieve a base for retro looks.

  4. Using Mermaid to create Diagrams

    Introducing Mermaid for Diagram visualisation. Handles flow charts, Gantt charts, class diagrams... Visualising the flow of a procedurally generated story.

  5. Generating a Storyline Procedurally

    Experiments in procedurally generating the main skeleton of a story using Prolog.

  6. Svelte Tricks #1 - How to Comment a Component and its props

    Commenting a component and its exposed props in svelte

  7. Procedurally Generating a Animal Crossing World - Part 1

    First part on how to generate a map like the GC version of Animal Crossing. Creating a high ground / low ground mask.

  8. Getting Started with Babylonjs Unity Toolkit

    Sharing a few things I've found out using the Babylon Unity Toolkit for the first time

  9. Creating a custom mesh in BabylonJS

    Showing how to create a custom mesh in BabylonJS with a simple example: creating a quad.

  10. Simulating a market in Python

    Implementing a market for goods of financial products in python using a double auction system