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  1. Getting Started with Babylonjs Unity Toolkit

    Sharing a few things I've found out using the Babylon Unity Toolkit for the first time

  2. Creating a custom mesh in BabylonJS

    Showing how to create a custom mesh in BabylonJS with a simple example: creating a quad.

  3. Simulating a market in Python

    Implementing a market for goods of financial products in python using a double auction system

  4. Booleans in Python: Beware of Numpy

    Numpy uses a custom boolean type which differs from the base bool type. We investigate and share some ways in which this can bug your code.

  5. How to Perform Polymorphism on Object from Different Classes in C#

    A simple trick to allow correct function dispatch on objects inheriting from and referenced by the same base class

  6. Writing an Array to Texture File in Unity C#

    How to save a generated 2D array of floats of Vector3 into a texture file for later use in a shader or a material

  7. Implementing a Simple Camera Shake

    Implementing a simple camera shake in Unity from scratch.

  8. Using Position-Based Tinting to Liven up an Environment

    Convert an object's texture to HSV and rotate the Hue depending on position

  9. Creating a Probability-Weighted Pool of Objects in Unity

    Creating a Scriptable Object definition for pools of game objects to be drawn. Useful when creating environments.

  10. Faking Shadows from a Cloud Cover in Unity URP

    Two lightweight ways to simulate shadows from a cloud cover in Unity URP