Sharing a Utility Script for Spring Bones in Unity


This is a companion article to my other article on **How to easily implement Hair Physics in Unity.

This utility enables for a faster workflow when adding springbones to models, and is available on github.

I am using code from the Unity-chan Toon Shader repository, which contains an implementation of Spring Bones: bones that will be affected by the movements of the main mesh, but will go back to their default position over time. These spring bones are really helpful to simulate hair and clothes physics, and the implementation provided is pretty good in my opinion.

The big problem with it is that the process of setting the spring bones on the game objects and then recording them in the SpringManager provided in the repository is repetitive and tiresome: add components and then click and drag stuff.

On a model with a somewhat detailed hair structure, I had to set around 20 to 30 spring bones, then record them all in the spring manager before realizing I had imported the wrong model! It is tiresome and not much fun to set up all these things, so I made this small script to help out. Now, it only takes a few clicks and I’m done so I don’t mind making mistakes: your model will have working hair physics in a few seconds at most!

It’s freely available on github, written in C# (CSharp) and I hope it will be helpful to you! Get it here: