Using Mermaid to create Diagrams


In a previous article, we generated the skeleton of a procedurally generated story. In this case, as in many other it’s nice to get a visual output instead of lines upon lines of text, which is why I wanted to introduce Mermaid.

Mermaid is a markdown-like language which allows generating a wide selection of charts and diagrams and we’ll be using it to generate a flow chart of our knowledge base.

The simplest example in Mermaid is the flow chart. It starts by graph TD, then you can declare nodes and edges using ”—>“.

graph TD   
node_1 --> node_2  
node_2 --> node_3 
node_1 --> node_3  

See? Very simple to declare a graph. Let’s see how it looks with a more complex chart. We’ll use the python code below to parse the knowledge base from the procedural story article and generate a flow chart.

with open("", "r") as f:
    data = f.readlines()

subset = []
for elem in data:
    if len(elem) < 4:
    if elem[:4] == "edge":

for i in range(len(subset)):
    subset[i] = subset[i].replace("edge(", "")
    subset[i] = subset[i].replace(").\n", "")
    subset[i] = subset[i].replace("). \n", "")
    subset[i] = subset[i].split(", ")

output = ["graph TD"]
for elem in subset:
    output.append(elem[0] + " --> " + elem[1])

with open("output.txt", "w+") as f:
    for line in output:

Thanks to our code we now get a valid mermaid flowchart definition.

graph TD
start_story --> hero_noble
start_story --> hero_peasant
hero_noble --> forced_betrothal
forced_betrothal --> run_away_from_home
hero_noble --> become_knight
hero_peasant --> become_adventurer
run_away_from_home --> become_adventurer
become_adventurer --> fight_monster
become_knight --> fight_monster
fight_monster --> winner
fight_monster --> loser
loser --> train
loser --> find_weapon
train --> fight_monster_2
find_weapon --> fight_monster_2
fight_monster_2 --> winner2
winner2 --> end_story
winner --> end_story 

Now, we could set up a js project and import mermaid as a dependency, but for ease of use we’ll just use the Mermaid Live Editor.

Here’s the result. Pretty neat right? The Live Editor allows you to export your chart as a png or svg.

Story Flowchart
Our Story's Flowchart

The Live Editor also contains sample code for other type of diagrams, so go crazy and try it out!