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  1. Getting Started with Babylonjs Unity Toolkit

    Sharing a few things I've found out using the Babylon Unity Toolkit for the first time

  2. Creating a custom mesh in BabylonJS

    Showing how to create a custom mesh in BabylonJS with a simple example: creating a quad.

  3. How to implement Memoization in Dart and Flutter

    Implementing Memoization and talking about the benefits of caching with a working example and how it helped a real life startup reduce their cost and bring compute time down to nothing

  4. How to Perform Polymorphism on Object from Different Classes in C#

    A simple trick to allow correct function dispatch on objects inheriting from and referenced by the same base class

  5. Writing an Array to Texture File in Unity C#

    How to save a generated 2D array of floats of Vector3 into a texture file for later use in a shader or a material

  6. Implementing a Simple Camera Shake

    Implementing a simple camera shake in Unity from scratch.

  7. Using Position-Based Tinting to Liven up an Environment

    Convert an object's texture to HSV and rotate the Hue depending on position

  8. Creating a Probability-Weighted Pool of Objects in Unity

    Creating a Scriptable Object definition for pools of game objects to be drawn. Useful when creating environments.

  9. Faking Shadows from a Cloud Cover in Unity URP

    Two lightweight ways to simulate shadows from a cloud cover in Unity URP

  10. Implementing a Lit Billboard Shader in Unity Shadergraph

    Sharing a more complex billboard shader in shadergraph that fixes lighting issues from our previous shader by using different calculations for billboarding, and sets custom normals