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  1. Setting up a Recoil Effect

    Creating a recoil effect for characters when hit in a 2d ARPG

  2. Delete children of GameObjects in Unity

    How to delete children of a gameobject while in Editor mode.

  3. Generate Predictable Random Numbers in Unity C#

    Ensure that a sequence of randomly generated numbers stays the same

  4. Modifying PostProcessing Effect Parameters at Runtime in Unity

    Add juice to your game by changing your PostProcessing effects parameters at runtime in Unity URP and HDRP.

  5. Setting up a Custom Cursor in Unity

    2 ways to replace the default system cursor in Unity.

  6. Procedurally Generating a Animal Crossing World - Part 1

    First part on how to generate a map like the GC version of Animal Crossing. Creating a high ground / low ground mask.

  7. Flatten 2D array in Unity C#

    Sharing an utility class to flatten and unflatten 2D arrays in Unity C# for easy serialisation.

  8. Playmode Grid using Gizmos in Unity

    Visualizing a grid for development in editor play mode for Unity using Gizmos

  9. Easily Remove Missing Components from GameObjects

    Providing a function and an editor script to clean GameObjects containing missing components in Unity.

  10. How to Perform Polymorphism on Object from Different Classes in C#

    A simple trick to allow correct function dispatch on objects inheriting from and referenced by the same base class