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  1. Playmode Grid using Gizmos in Unity

    Visualizing a grid for development in editor play mode for Unity using Gizmos

  2. Easily Remove Missing Components from GameObjects

    Providing a function and an editor script to clean GameObjects containing missing components in Unity.

  3. How to Perform Polymorphism on Object from Different Classes in C#

    A simple trick to allow correct function dispatch on objects inheriting from and referenced by the same base class

  4. Writing an Array to Texture File in Unity C#

    How to save a generated 2D array of floats of Vector3 into a texture file for later use in a shader or a material

  5. Implementing a Simple Camera Shake

    Implementing a simple camera shake in Unity from scratch.

  6. Creating a Probability-Weighted Pool of Objects in Unity

    Creating a Scriptable Object definition for pools of game objects to be drawn. Useful when creating environments.

  7. Implementing a Selection Visual Indicator in Unity

    Creating the logic to show set the position of a gameobject to indicate if an object is focused using renderer bounds

  8. Sharing Some Unity Utility Scripts on Github

    Sharing simple scripts for camera, lights management, debugging...

  9. Creating a 2d RPG Camera in Unity

    Implementing a camera that follows the player around the map and gets offset near boundaries to avoid showing out of bounds part of the map.

  10. Change a Sprite according to the Camera's Direction and Position in Unity Shadergraph - Part 2

    Implementing billboarding, camera position checks and forward checks to select a suitable sprite from a given tilesheet/spritesheet/spritemap. This enables us to only use quads and avoid manipulating the sprites through script, which should increase performance for scenes with plenty of background characters.