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  1. Playmode Grid using Gizmos in Unity

    Visualizing a grid for development in editor play mode for Unity using Gizmos

  2. Easily Remove Missing Components from GameObjects

    Providing a function and an editor script to clean GameObjects containing missing components in Unity.

  3. Sharing Some Unity Utility Scripts on Github

    Sharing simple scripts for camera, lights management, debugging...

  4. Creating a Simple Tilt Shift Effect in Unity URP

    Setting up a Custom Renderer Feature to replicate a basic tilt shift effect that can be stacked on top of other post processing features.

  5. Generating Realistic Heights Distributions for Terrain Generation in C# for Unity

    Combining distributions (Normal, Gamma, Uniform...) to fake real-world height data and sampling them using Perlin or Simplex Noise.

  6. Implementing an Overworld Compass in Unity

    How to create a compass in Unity, to help the player navigate an overworld section in a RPG

  7. Creating a Scrolling Map for RTS and Strategy Games in Unity

    Using Screen Mouse Position to move around the map like in Civilization or Starcraft.

  8. Implementing the ELO Ranking System in C# for Unity

    Explaining how the ELO ranking works and showing how to calculate ranking changes after each match.

  9. How to implement the Dolly Zoom Effect for our Camera in Unity

    Adjusting Camera Distance and Field of View to reproduce the famous Dolly Zoom, as seen in movies such as Vertigo, Goodfellas and Jaws.

  10. How to set up Object Eye Tracking for a 3D model in Unity - Part 2

    A guide/tutorial on how to make your model's eyes track an object by manipulating Texture offset in your shader. Improving the results from Part 1 and fixing issues.