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  1. Using Mermaid to create Diagrams

    Introducing Mermaid for Diagram visualisation. Handles flow charts, Gantt charts, class diagrams... Visualising the flow of a procedurally generated story.

  2. Simulating a market in Python

    Implementing a market for goods of financial products in python using a double auction system

  3. Booleans in Python: Beware of Numpy

    Numpy uses a custom boolean type which differs from the base bool type. We investigate and share some ways in which this can bug your code.

  4. Data Structures in Python - Trie

    Implementing a Trie, aka Digital/Prefix Tree in pure python. First in a serie of article on implementing Data Structures from scratch. Code available on Github.

  5. Finding Names of Characters in Text using Python and Machine Learning

    Extracting information from textual data using NLTK, Spacy or HuggingFace

  6. Checking for Strings Similarity in Python

    Computing a distance value between strings in python for words and names comparisons.

  7. Easily Start a Server to Run a Unity Web Build in your Browser

    Easy ways to start a server to run your Unity build for web. Simple methods using Python, Javascript or directly from your browser.

  8. 4 Ways to Check if a Graph is Fully Connected

    Explaining several ways to check if a directed or undirected graph is fully connected, meaning there are no isolated nodes or subraphs in the set of nodes being studied.

  9. How to Use Python in your Browser/Webapps

    A Look at Different Ways to Distribute your Python Content Online

  10. Why I use Type Hinting in Python and Why You Should Too

    Use Type Hinting to Improve your Python Programming Projects