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  1. Playmode Grid using Gizmos in Unity

    Visualizing a grid for development in editor play mode for Unity using Gizmos

  2. Sharing Json File of Shrine Names from BotW

    Sharing a JSON file with the name of shrines and trials from Breath of the Wild on Github.

  3. Easily Remove Missing Components from GameObjects

    Providing a function and an editor script to clean GameObjects containing missing components in Unity.

  4. How to Perform Polymorphism on Object from Different Classes in C#

    A simple trick to allow correct function dispatch on objects inheriting from and referenced by the same base class

  5. Writing an Array to Texture File in Unity C#

    How to save a generated 2D array of floats of Vector3 into a texture file for later use in a shader or a material

  6. Implementing a Simple Camera Shake

    Implementing a simple camera shake in Unity from scratch.

  7. Creating a Probability-Weighted Pool of Objects in Unity

    Creating a Scriptable Object definition for pools of game objects to be drawn. Useful when creating environments.

  8. Data Structures in Python - Trie

    Implementing a Trie, aka Digital/Prefix Tree in pure python. First in a serie of article on implementing Data Structures from scratch. Code available on Github.

  9. Sharing Some Unity Utility Scripts on Github

    Sharing simple scripts for camera, lights management, debugging...

  10. Creating a 2d RPG Camera in Unity

    Implementing a camera that follows the player around the map and gets offset near boundaries to avoid showing out of bounds part of the map.