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  1. Generating a Storyline Procedurally

    Experiments in procedurally generating the main skeleton of a story using Prolog.

  2. Finding Names of Characters in Text using Python and Machine Learning

    Extracting information from textual data using NLTK, Spacy or HuggingFace

  3. Using StringBuilders instead of Strings

    Talking about Strings, and How to Avoid Garbage Generation by using StringBuilder instead of Strings in C# Unity.

  4. How to use p5.js to Create In-Browser Animations

    Introducing p5js, the javascript port of the Processing library, studying and improving the snow particle example from the documentation.

  5. How to Use Python in your Browser/Webapps

    A Look at Different Ways to Distribute your Python Content Online

  6. Why I use Type Hinting in Python and Why You Should Too

    Use Type Hinting to Improve your Python Programming Projects