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  1. Implementing a Lit Billboard Shader in Unity Shadergraph

    Sharing a more complex billboard shader in shadergraph that fixes lighting issues from our previous shader by using different calculations for billboarding, and sets custom normals

  2. Implementing a Billboard Shader in Unity Shadergraph

    Make an object track the camera and always be facing it. Learning how a Billboard shader orients itself towards the camera, and how to implement this effect in Unity Shadergraph, to be used in games for vegetation and other elements (grass, pickups...)

  3. RaceTrack Generator

    Publishing Samples from my Race Tracks Generator

  4. Exporting a Mesh as OBJ or FBX File in Unity

    Exporting a Runtime-generated Mesh as a FBX using the FBX Exporter package, or as an OBJ using a script.

  5. Creating a Simple Water Shader using Shadergraph for Unity

    Explaining how to create a Simple Water Shader using Shadergraph in Unity by using scrolling normal maps and the depth buffer

  6. Fixing Broken Materials & Simplifying the Import process for SRP & Legacy assets to URP

    Working on an Utility to automatically port assets from deprecated rendering setups to URP/HDRP