Launching Defivue


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A special post today to share the launch of defivue!

Defivue is a yield aggregator and search engine for Binance’s smart chain and it’s decentralized finance projects, helping users find the best Liquidity Pools for their assets.

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Also available as a Progressive Web App

For a more technical note, Defivue’s frontend was made using Svelte with Typescript and TailwindCSS while the data is provided by a puppeteer parser running every hour using Supabase as a database.

Most Decentralized Finance (DeFi) website are pretty heavyweight, requiring the use of Web3 and sometimes a metamask wallet to interact with them. Add a react dependency, no caching of any sort and you get yourself a pretty slow performer. Svelte + Tailwind has been my go-to combo for a while now, ensuring a smaller bundle size for the user (looking at the numbers, I see that most of my website’s size comes from the Inter variable font).

I’ve talked a bit about the benefits of reducing your Javascript & CSS bundle size on my flutter web loading screen article.

As of right now, the website only features a limited amount of yield farms, namely Beefy and Swamp with more to come. (Maybe even support for multiple blockchains)

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