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  1. Creating a LCD effect in a Shader

    Understanding the LCD effect and replicating it on Shadertoy to achieve a base for retro looks.

  2. Faking Shadows from a Cloud Cover in Unity URP

    Two lightweight ways to simulate shadows from a cloud cover in Unity URP

  3. Implementing a Lit Billboard Shader in Unity Shadergraph

    Sharing a more complex billboard shader in shadergraph that fixes lighting issues from our previous shader by using different calculations for billboarding, and sets custom normals

  4. Tutorials and Tips for Lightmapping & Shadows in Unity

    Sharing some great tutorials on how to handle lights and shadows in Unity to get good looking scenes

  5. Implementing a Billboard Shader in Unity Shadergraph

    Make an object track the camera and always be facing it. Learning how a Billboard shader orients itself towards the camera, and how to implement this effect in Unity Shadergraph, to be used in games for vegetation and other elements (grass, pickups...)

  6. Creating a Simple Water Shader using Shadergraph for Unity

    Explaining how to create a Simple Water Shader using Shadergraph in Unity by using scrolling normal maps and the depth buffer

  7. Fixing Broken Materials & Simplifying the Import process for SRP & Legacy assets to URP

    Working on an Utility to automatically port assets from deprecated rendering setups to URP/HDRP