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  1. Implementing a Lit Billboard Shader in Unity Shadergraph

    Sharing a more complex billboard shader in shadergraph that fixes lighting issues from our previous shader by using different calculations for billboarding, and sets custom normals

  2. Implementing a Selection Visual Indicator in Unity

    Creating the logic to show set the position of a gameobject to indicate if an object is focused using renderer bounds

  3. Sharing Some Unity Utility Scripts on Github

    Sharing simple scripts for camera, lights management, debugging...

  4. Creating a 2d RPG Camera in Unity

    Implementing a camera that follows the player around the map and gets offset near boundaries to avoid showing out of bounds part of the map.

  5. Creating a Simple Tilt Shift Effect in Unity URP

    Setting up a Custom Renderer Feature to replicate a basic tilt shift effect that can be stacked on top of other post processing features.

  6. Tutorials and Tips for Lightmapping & Shadows in Unity

    Sharing some great tutorials on how to handle lights and shadows in Unity to get good looking scenes

  7. Change a Sprite according to the Camera's Direction and Position in Unity Shadergraph - Part 2

    Implementing billboarding, camera position checks and forward checks to select a suitable sprite from a given tilesheet/spritesheet/spritemap. This enables us to only use quads and avoid manipulating the sprites through script, which should increase performance for scenes with plenty of background characters.

  8. Change a Sprite according to the Camera's Direction and Position in Unity Shadergraph

    Implementing both billboarding and scrolling the tileset/tilemap of the character to update the face being displayed according to the camera's position

  9. Generating Realistic Heights Distributions for Terrain Generation in C# for Unity

    Combining distributions (Normal, Gamma, Uniform...) to fake real-world height data and sampling them using Perlin or Simplex Noise.

  10. Easily Create Complex Movements for GameObjects in Unity using Animation Curves

    Specifying Animation Curves and Cycle Duration for x, y, z position manipulation to create varied movement for an object.